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VC-1300 KIT – 2 CAM Bundle for Virtual Campaign


Product Highlights:

VC-1300 KIT consist a 6-channels HD Streaming Mobile Cast Studio HS-1300, a 20x optical zoom HD video PTZ camera PTC-150 with Dual Stream output, and a 30x optical zoom HD video Block camera BC-80 both can be controlled by a Multi-channel camera control RMC-180.

HS-1300 Mobile Cast studio in-built with a 6-channels HD video switcher by 4x HD-SDI and 2x HDMI input that all are routable/crosspoint design, with the built-in PiP, 2x Chromakey and 30 virtual sets included, it allows you to perform a professional video production effect like TV station do that will create a very impressive “Wow!” To your audience. The in-built H.264 streaming encoder allows you to stream a show/program virtually to any CDN like Facebook Live, YouTube, up to 10Mbps (1080p60), the recording function is a added advantage to the video/production crew to directly record the session in H.264 format on SD card up to 16Mbps (1080p60).

You can easily remote control both HD camera PTC-150 and BC-80 by the simple multi-camera control RMC-180 (up to 4x camera operation) (PTZ control for the PTC-150 and Zoom control for the BC-80). VC-1300 solution allows you to store preset shots for the two cameras (4 preset position on each camera) and recall them quickly by one finger touch, as well as to adjust camera setting right from the control panel.

Generally, VC-1300 KIT consist of everything you need to start producing a video and brings a new level of simplicity to production workflows for a video campaign and to instantly stream to Internet.


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