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Presidential Style Dual 22″ Screen Teleprompters (L&R)


Product Highlights:

Set up safely and securely with the Simar 22″ High-Bright Presidential Teleprompter Pair. Aluminum-built for high-strength, and featuring a tool-less assembly design, this pair of prompters can be set up and running within minutes, providing a 25 ft reading range on 60/40 beamsplitters.  The beamsplitters are made of low-iron glass that eliminates color shift, and have anti-reflection coating that prevents glass reflections. They measure 14 x 12″ and have beveled edges for safety.

The 22″ base monitors have a high brightness of up to 1000 nit and feature self-reversing functionality, meaning that they automatically reverse the backwards-projected text on the beamsplitter glass, without the need for additional software.

Key Features
  • Two 22″ 1000 nit self-reversing monitors with metal frames (adjustable brightness from 250 to 1000)
  • 60/40  beamsplitters made of low-iron glass that eliminates color shift
  • Anti-reflection coating
  • 25 ft reading range
  • Adjustable angle for perfect reading position
  • locking wheels for precise positioning
  • HDMI cables included, as well as an HDMI splitter to feed the video source to the dual prompters.
  • Available with an HP Core i5 laptop, with the teleprompter software installed – ready to go with your text.
  • Software allows for Operations table support from laptop, and separate screen for Talent – allowing for proper mirror imaging and flip, while maintaining a comfortable reading view for the support team.
  • Monitors and software can support PPT ,PDF ,JPG ,RTF, TXT. and other computer-supported formats as prompter content.
  • Tool-less assembly design
  • Support for wireless remote (included)
  • Travels in dedicated flight cases.

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