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Hand Drops Model 2 Hand Sanitizer Kiosk – with Signage

Model: EHHDM2

Product Highlights:

Taking Care of Business!

Hand Drops is a line of auto hand sanitizer dispensing kiosks offered on a monthly rental basis by CTR in Calgary, Alberta and MCR, in Toronto, Ontario. Models range from high quality basic kiosks to fully digital temperature and analytics models.

Our Hand Sanitizer Sales and Rentals program is a turn-key, no fuss, no muss service in which we setup Hand Drops Kiosks in your place of business to improve the safety of your environment, for staff and customers alike. The Hand Drops team will deliver the kiosks, set them up (battery-powered or plug in) and maintain the units for the duration of the rental. We also service the units on a monthly basis – by inspecting, refilling, and testing – all a part of the service agreement with no additional expenses (up to 1000ml of Sanitizer liquid per month included in basic package – additional refresh cycles are of course available)

5 models are currently available under the Sanitizer Rentals Program, all with automatic non-touch dispensers:

  • MODEL 1 – the standard workhorse Hand Drops Model 1, with a sturdy steel floor stand and drip tray.
  • MODEL 2 – the lighter weight and elegant Model 2, with an 11×17 advertising/messaging poster board.
  • MODEL 3 – Digital Model 3, with a 21.5″ digital advertising/messaging board, and auto sanitizer.
  • MODEL 4 – Digital Model 4, with built-in temperature reading non-touch wrist thermometer and digital display.
  • MODEL 5 – Digital Model 5, with auto scanning temperature sensors, mask detection, analytic software and digital display.

The Hand Drops Refresh Plan!

Let’s keep it simple! We offer both a straight rental program, as well as the monthly HAND DROPS refresh program, that ensures your Hand Drops Sanitizers are performing well, and are supplied with Canada approved Hand Sanitizer liquid, as well as batteries (if not plugged in). No fuss, no muss for your staff – Hand Drops crew takes care of everything! Nothing to store in your location when units are not required. And easy to bring back for use when they are!

All units include free delivery, setup and pickup when you choose to return. And you can choose to return at any time!


  • The Hand Drops MODEL 2 Standard Sanitizer Kiosk is a more light weight unit that includes a 11×17 advertising /messaging poster, and is also $40 per month for the straight rental program. An initial top up with Canada approved Sanitizer liquid is $10 extra.
  • MODEL 2 REFRESH PROGRAM–  $80 a month – we provide a comprehensive service in which the  Hand Drops crew will come to your location once per month (or as required), and replace your kiosk units with clean topped up sanitizer dispensers.  Extra Sanitizer Solution available at the industry average rate (Currently $25 per 1000ml). Refresh cycles can be adjusted based on need.

This Hand Drops Sanitizer Station features a non-touch automatic liquid sanitizer dispenser, mounted on a retail friendly floor stand with an attached 11×17 poster frame (landscape or portrait).

Includes a poster for your use – “Sanitize your Hands” at no extra charge. Or you can use your own artwork. We can also create an 11×17 poster from your artwork for an extra $20 (requires about 10 days advance notice).

System can be standalone and powered by 4x C 1.5v batteries, or use power adapter (included).

Includes 1000ml of 70% Isopropynol sanitizer liquid (good for about 1000 squirts).

Full Service plan available which includes monthly  service inspections and sanitizer refills.

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