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DDW LED Posters/Video walls


Product Highlights:

LED Posters

With the popularity of led display applications, the conventional display cannot meet the rapid growth of flexible and diverse application needs. As a new advertising display, the new LED poster is getting more and more attention from customers.

CTR is the authorized Canadian distributor for DDW displays, and we are proud to provide our clients with this “best of class” led display solution. Our specially designed LED Poster is characterized by super thin, interchangeable module, easy control of airports, high-speed railway stations, subway stations, hotels, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. But also ideal for unique groupings for trade shows, or videowalls for conferences and presentations.

As far as video signal, the system supports HDMI input signal, as well as USB, WIFI, 4G/5G, APP.

AND, we can seamlessly join these units for a very quick unified video wall, or stagger the units for other unique looks.

Advantages of Our LED Posters

1. Quick installation and disassembly – a turn-key system is delivered to you quickly and without complications

2. The quick setup cycle allows CTR to offer very impressive pricing to our clients for an impressive cost effective solution!

3. High refresh rate and grayscale, providing excellent and vivid images.

4. Wide viewing angle, clear and visible images, attracting more audiences.

We can provide a “stage left – stage right” approach with 2 full video walls, instead of projection – ideal for lighting situations with ambient light. The LED walls are highly visible. And the brilliant high definition images will truly captivate your audience!

NOTE: CTR Techs deliver and setup all LED Posters and Videowall combinations to provide a 100% turn-key solution for our clients – ready for your content!

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