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Yorkville NX10C Powered Loudspeaker

Model: AUYO10

Product Highlights:

With it’s subcompact dimensions (just 13 x 13 x 12 inches), smooth, powerful coaxial driver, 300 Watts of custom processed power and innovative pole mount design, the NX10C is easily the most versatile pro-grade PA speaker we have ever encountered. The innovative “through-box” speaker stand design allows multiple NX10C cabinets to be stacked on a single standard speaker stand in a vertical array for very high volume applications. When wider horizontal coverage is required the NX10C cabinets can be rotated about the axis of the pole while still maintaining full phase coherency. Coverage for up to 360 degrees can be achieved.

No need to bring separate stands for stage lighting and speakers when NX10C’s can be mounted under the light bars, saving valuable stage space.

For side-wash monitor applications on tight stages, the NX10C can be mounted under the front of house cabinets to provide a monitor signal that will be fully phase coherent with the front of house signal.

The innovative custom rear mounted handle also functions as a tilt stand allowing the NX10C to be used as a compact wide coverage floor monitor or center fill cabinet.

Versatile inputs for mic or line level sources as well as an 1/8th-inch TRS jack allow the NX10C to direct connect to any audio source.

The high-performance 10″/1″ coaxial driver delivers smooth, phase-coherent response enabling NX10Cs to be stacked for added SPL and even aimed in different directions.

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