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PK Klarity 12 Powered Loudspeaker


Product Highlights:

The Klarity 12 is a high performance, multipurpose loudspeaker with an integral, high efficiency, class D amplifier. The versatile, multi-faceted, shape of the enclosure allows it to be used as a floor monitor as well as upright or vertical as the main loudspeaker for small to mid-sized sound reinforcement. It can be pole mounted or flown easily from M8 rigging points making it perfect for both portable and installed applications. A rotatable, 90 x 60 degree constant directivity horn ensures even, predictable coverage across the entire listening area with the additional flexibility of a rotatable design. The extremely rugged, void-free Baltic birch cabinet, is finished with an impact resistant, tour-grade, Polyurea coating that outlasts standard painted cabinets by years. The recessed amplifier cavity ensures that both signal and power connectors are protected during operation. With 4 user selectable DSP options, the klarity 12 is suited for both standalone full range operation as well as in conjunction with a Klarity subwoofer for additional low-frequency extension and higher SPL€’s.


  • Premium quality transducers
  • High-grade void-free Baltic birch construction
  • High-efficiency class-D amplification
  • Full power intelligent limiting
  • M8 rigging for suspension
  • 4 selectable DSP configurations
  • 12 gauge heavy duty grill
  • Tour-grade high-impact EXL Polyurea
  • Powercon locking power cable

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